part of each household chores and even more of a bachelor thesis is the discussion about the current state of research. Here should the existing research on the question, which one has chosen to be briefly outlined. In addition, you should arrange that already exist de research something here. Like the works best and what you should consider when writing a research article, you can find here.

What is a state of research?

“If I have seen further, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” So wrote the science genius Isaac Newton probably in 1765 to Robert Hooke. Today, this symbol is often used to characterize the relationship of current scientific research on the preparatory work and thus previous to scientists generations.

And for good reason. The the next generation of scientists not reinventing from scratch, but rather relies on the findings of earlier generations of researchers. With open result by the way, because if you judge the findings positive or negative, ultimately, every scientist is left to – even in a scientific paper


To clean scientific work therefore heard that one represents the results of previous generations accurately and clearly. So you not only shows that you have taken the research to the question to which one works and understood. to work out the state of research and each forces you to capture the research systematically. But you do it also with the other writing easily. Once one has outlined the state of research, it is significantly easier to fill the vacancies that have arisen with their own research to resolve contradictions of its own position or already apply existing theories to their own questions. Only through a state of research can be their own research so embedded in the science (See. Frietsch / Rye (2014), pp 151-154).

What to consider when research status?

An overview of the current state of research thus belongs to every little larger work, such as the Bachelor thesis to it. As with any scientific work, there are also here some things that need to be considered.

Many students fear that a state of research to write a lot of work. Finally, you should still research the whole literature and list it is a theme? This is not the case, fortunately. Especially when it comes to the relatively short thesis, or a term paper, it would not be possible in a few pages or in a few paragraphs to gather all research and list all the books. Instead, one should find out which factions and opinions there and deal with a spotlight on the research.

In addition, one should always bear in mind that the state of research almost always refers to the question, and not just on one topic. As shown above, the state of research is intended to put their own questions related to research – not the topic


Anyone who uses the scientific results of a third party in his work, which also has the well through direct and indirect quotes to make it clear. If one does not, or insufficiently, you run the risk of producing a plagiarism that the thesis flies up quickly in the plagiarism check . This in turn can have far-reaching consequences that can lead to exclusion from the university. (Formulation examples below) are applied to the scientific writing style must here. editing the thesis can give tips here if the style has been made.

A state of research for the thesis writing

If you want to write a research status, you must first decide on one of two different approaches: the chronological or thematic.
In the thematic Outline is then split the current research, for example, according to representatives of one or another opinion (Pro-Contra). With this type of research discussion is therefore already shows that you have dealt extensively with the literature. Only those who already know in which part of “camp” which author, which may also represent accordingly.

The chronological discussion, however, is somewhat simpler. The main reason is solely the time publication of the relevant literature. But beware: In a research discussion is not concerned with staging as many different authors and works, so that the Bibliography is pretty long. On the contrary. Less is more. Readers interested only that literature is actually interesting for the present study. This means that you should make it clear in the research discussion already, have contributed for their own research which works and which authors. Precisely for this reason, it is for small research as the thesis often makes more sense to choose the thematic approach.

Clear display of the status of research

The classic W-questions that are a great help in many other parts of the thesis, can help at this point (See also the Bulletin of the University Hambur g). So:

Who said that / wrote: Here you should call the author

What he or she stated concretely. A representation of the theses is appropriate here

Like , that is the form in which that has happened: Were the results published in an anthology as an attachment, in a monograph or in a different form? One should mention

When the work is published: The publication date can not be left under any circumstances, but is a central part of a correct reference Unspecified


The question of where? is important (to which of publication and to what Verlag) cite, is in describing the state of research but not common.

How detailed the status of research for a thesis have to be?

The question of how much the scope of the state of research should have, can not be answered generally. It is connected with different things.

In a paper on pages 12 to 15 you can not devote as much detail an issue and therefore the overview of the previous research surely as one can in a dissertation. Here, the state of research can make an entire subchapter and should actually – unlike described above – on the basis of all the literature out there, take place. That does not mean here that one must each work list. but it should any research position that there are any, to be represented and included. Even the historical course of the research, if it is relevant, should show you.

Overall, it comes to the question of the detail of the research object not only to the aspect ratio of research status and total amount of text. Rules of thumb that apply, for example, the Conclusion , introduction or Abstracts , you can not really apply here. Instead, the detail of the research object increases with the complexity of the issue. This is the real reason that the state of research in a dissertation is always longer than that of a final paper.

formulation aids for research Talk

to write

A state of research may sound difficult? But is it not at all (see also Weiler (2017), pp 70-75). Who writes a research discussion has mostly been a good overview of the current state of research and the “classic” one knows anyway (more information provides Viadrina ). but some formulation examples can still help to give a good overview of the state of research:

  • from today’s perspective is still important essay …”
  • in … … could show that … This is also still of current research in the scientific community.”
  • style=”list-style: none”>”Not allowed to forget the monograph by … who are still in the field of … one of the fundamental works.”

The state of research in a thesis is central to the scientific work. But students should not let get crazy nevertheless. A state of research, which includes any work ever written on an issue is not necessary to determine when writing a dissertation. The complexity of the problem alone will not make it necessary. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a proper citation and summarize the research meaningful and thematically or chronologically. Only thus can one’s own work in the existing research to embed.

Frietsch, Ute / rye, Jörg (2014) : On Practice of the culture of scientific work: A Concise Dictionary, Bielefeld


Weiler, Yannick (2017) : SchreibenKannIch. A research paper in 30 hours Vienna.

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